I've postponed this for a very long time now, but I think its time to write about my last weeks in Texas, and also about coming home. 
so during the last 2 weeks in Galveston I felt like a tourist most of the time, as went to all the major tourist attractions- Pleasure Pier, Kemah Boardwalk, we went on the Rainforest Cafe ride, went on a dolphin tour and we went to Schlitterbahn. 
We also took all the time we could to take pictures, drove all the way to the Texas City Dike to take some of them and took out the guns for some. a few days before I left I also had my goodbye party.
Those last days was the hardest thing I've ever done, saying goodbye to everyone that I knew I might never see again. Leaving Sweden was one thing, cause I knew I would come back in a year, but this was completely different. I managed to keep it together at first, but that very last night my closest friends came over. We were just acting silly and doing the blindfolded makeup challenge. Once they had to leave I just couldn't anymore. Hugging them, saying goodbye, see them starting to cry and watching them drive away. 
When we drove to the airport we were all really tired, but unlike Sarah and Sergii I couldn't sleep, I stared out the window trying to remember every little detail of it. After having to check in my bags I just felt so lost, I really had to leave my new home, my new family. I dont think anyone who hasn't done an exchange year can realize the pain and sadness I felt in that moment. Walking towards the security checkpoint, and looking at them, my family, trough the window for the last time in god knows how long. 
After a lot of trouble at the airport I finally got home to Sweden, and I got to see friends and family again. But after a few days I just couldn't help but looking at the photos, listening to the songs, just wishing I was back in Galveston. 
An exchange student should get all the respect you could ever give them, because they have left their home countries to go somewhere, start a life- and then leave it. All the amazing experiences I got, all the incredible memories and friends, that is why I went. But that is also the reason it is so hard to come back.
I've grown, I've become a more mature and open person, I have friends all over the world, I can say I went to an american high school, was in a high school musical, was a cheerleader, went to prom. I got a new family and a new sister.
Lastly I just want to say thanks to everyone who's been involved in this.
Thank you.